Superhero TV Show Locations Tour

Visit film locations from hit shows: The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, DC Legends of Tomorrow, Smallville, Superman & Lois and many more.

About this experience

Are you a fan of iconic DC Universe? Superhero shows such as The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Smallville, Superman & Lois, DC Legends of Tomorrow? Then, this tour is for you! We will be taking you to filming locations of these hit shows that shot the majority of their season in the Vancouver area. Visit key locations such as The Baxter Building, Jitters Cafe, The Daily Planet and of course STAR Labs, among many others. See clips and images that feature Vancouver landmarks visible in the shows, that were shot where you stand. Learn the ins and outs of Vancouvers local film industry and the role it played in these hit series with a local film industry professional and fan of these shows. See other locations from productions such as Fantastic Four, Blade Trinity, Mission Impossible and Deadpool 2.


**Please note: for more Deadpool information, please check out our Hollywood North Experience Tour (it's not featured on this tour). Be prepared for a 3 hour walking tour that is jam packed with information! The Tour ends at Stadium Chinatown Station.

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We offer several film and tv industry related tours in downtown Vancouver with local actors and film industry professionals. Come explore Hollywood North with us.